About TruckBridge

  • Truckbridge.com is a marketplace connecting Truck Owners, Brokers, Market Intermediaries & Freight Owners.
  • Our effort is to increase the occupancy of vehicle owners.
  • Only platform to provide with access to fleet owners and registered single vehicle owners in India.
  • Managing first and last mile logistics through GPS truck tracking system.
  • A fully technology assisted customer call center 24x7 deployed to aid our customers.
  • Providing efficient and economic market dynamics for vehicle and freight owners across India.

Our Vision

To be the leading transport marketplace.

Our Mission

To provide a seamless and user friendly platform to the transport industry that enables its users to maximize their potential.


The only platform dedicated to connecting only transporters across India through 150 franchisees across the country. Providing tracking devices and support for your vehicles at the lowest cost with an excellence is support delivery.

If you are a fleet owner then with the help of our portal you can find customers who are looking for trucks to send their freight. With the help of our portal you can increase your occupancy rates without changing your current set up and structure. We help in leveraging your core competencies and offer you the opportunity to use technology to increase your profits. Through our technology we help in reducing last mile logistics through real time tracking. Our portal ensures that you have a higher than average return on investment and your business bandwidth goes national.

Our system helps in developing a harmony between both the freight and fleet owners resulting in high efficiency and economic solutions to both the parties.